(N) Myrtekransen Norwegian Forest Cats


Huriel de la Fret d `Amalion BE* NFO n 09 23

Born 01.03.2012

Mother : (F) Camargue de la Cachouteba NFO f 23

Father : Viking du Valldall NFO n 09 23


GSD 4 Normal

3.149 kilos at almost a year

Both parents and grand parents GSD 4 Normal.

*Our new gorgeous girl from Belgium. *

From Chatterie de la Fret d`Amalion.

Thank you so much Francoise and Serge, and Camargue and Viking ,for this precious and wonderful Princess

What a marvelous girl and what a wonderful journey.

More info will come about this little Princess Huriel the coming weeks. And about howe long we have searched for her :). Years.

We are so grateful, honored and proud.






Our dear Huriel is 2 years today. SHE IS GORGEOUS and SUPER SWEET.

And she is also one of Svein-Eriks " girls". We love her so much. Here she says hello, and sends off a greeting to Francoise and Serge, her mum Camargue and daddy Viking. And mabye a flirting sweetheart look to Pelle Panther on Mre as well ;))).

Sadly I had many others of her taken but managed to erase the file. Luckily I had just sent these to Francoise and Serge as a first " e-mail shipment". So I got these back from the e-mail. Mabye I`ll get them from the camera.But here she is 2 years, and she is celebrating. With

Tuna, her prefered Mousse and she is waiting for her steamed fish and some meat. She can not go outside. Both because of the eagle of cours, but she is also off the pill. But sooo lovely.

unnamed (1)

Beautiful Huriel. Having a great time as a playful torpedo and gallopping chatting derby horse ( sorry cat). She loves to impress at full speed and pass you. Up and down trees while talking, and all over. So super sweet. Here the sweet beauti at 1 year and 8 months. Having had her second breeding check, because the other one is to old now. So she is proud of herself :))) .


Beautiful Huriel 1 1/2 years playing , cuddeling and out for a windy summer trip with me, Hieronymus and Kolya.


Our dear Huriel went into hyper today. Showing off all the time from place to place.

Jumping and climbing.Several pics became unclear. She was like one of the Snip and Snap squirrels. Chip `n`Dale so it was all about running all over

and _ the come and get me game_ .

Then of course with the tea break, she came ASP, because of that something was going on in the kitchen area and S-E came with grilled chicken.

So sadly she was inside when we went on a small " field trip". That I guess must soon be dealt with. So more new pics of her will arrive one sunny day :).

But here is the sweetest little princess.

Always cheerful and sooooooooooo sweet. And HYPER ACTIVE while chatting and charming. Wonderful. And she is now like some of her friends, in her summer bikini.


Our belgian princess Huriel 1 year and 2 months celebrating Norways national day. Having great fun under the the grey clouded sky, in dusky rain, and  with many flags. She is on her way into her summer coat now, and is a gorgeous happy and chatty kitty girl. That loves to run and run, play and play.

And cuddle, charme and chat. Supersweet.



No need to say, Huriel had a great time today :) .


Wonderful dear Huriel celebrating her first birthday as a one year old. She is such a wonderful sweet charmer.Having lots of fun being busy and being very active playing with her best friends of course. And to always end up on the table to see if there will be a snack.

She enjoys her life with her friends playing, chatting or cuddeling all day.

Beautiful Huriel started her day with with tuna, and then steamed fish in stock and butter for supper.And some chicken in between.

So that was to her taste we think :).

AND then she played and played.


Since I tried to take pics of a very active Maximus, the of course

an other VERY actice girl wanted all the attention and to play

aswell. Huriel LOVES to play and run to show off.

Just gorgeous and so sweet.


Our very special beauty. Dear wonderful, SUPER and sweet Huriel.

WOW she looks great. So beautiful and wonderful.

And 10 months allready.



Beautiful Huriel 9 1/2 months, being so very very beautiful and sweet. She is very active all day, playing and always being ready for a snack. Yesterday she had crab, and loves it.


Huriel`s fantastic parents, and her fantastic sister.

Wondeful proud mother Camargue de la Cachouteba (F) NFO f 23

fantastic Camargue and Huriels fantastic sister Hatti

Gorgeous daddy Viking du Valldall (F) NFO n 09 23

Proud daddy Viking and gorgeous  daughter/ Huriel`s sister Hatti

*  *  *  *

Finally one of us had the time to take our wondeful beauty

Huriel for her first time.

2 x EX 1 both days, and I`m so proud of her very sweet and brave behavior. This is very unlike her normal days with just playing in nature and listenting to the sound from the National Radio.

She was found to be a very beautiful girl, and has wonderful fur quality and a beautiful look as well.


Fantastic Huriel, she has been very busy helping in the cat run, and loves to play. she is such a wonderful sweet and kind girl.


A busy day for our beautiful and active Huriel.

Both a new catrun, kitty pics and lots of playing. She LOVES that.


Beautiful Huriel 6 months


Beautiful dear Hurierl in bed waiting for Calamity`s babies.

Andbeing a lovely and big baby herself :)))


Huriel is such a sweet,social and happy girl. She loves to be with us show her tricks, sleep near you and cuddle a lot. Her she shows off with the IKEA python and lookeing for a chanche to get Svein-Eriks camera :))).


Our beautiful busy charmer and sweetheart Huriel at 5 1/2 months


Huriel is a busy girl and kitchen help. She do tricks several times a day

To get some new snack each time. Since I`ve been fixing in the kitchen

a bit now, she is like the speed of light, to get some cheese or shrimp salad.


Beautiful Huriel 5 months. Growing in lenght and higt.


Beautiful Huriel soon 5 months already, and having great fun outside today with Jolanda, Gregorius + Haifa


Finally Svein-Erik came back from his work journey, and with his laptop, where I had forgotten the memory brick for my camera. So no pics for a long time. But here is the little wonderful beauty. Out exploring with friend Jolanda, Hieronymus and Haifa. She had a great time, even though the weather changed a lot.


Hurielhad a great day. We wre given an enormous salmon 7-8 kilos + by the fishfarmer in the bay. And Huriel went straight to work, eating it like a large pray. She had it both fresh like sushi :), later from our plate grilled and the morning after steamed. And we are building several cat houses , have ordered a new doghouse, and are building a new catrun + reparing the oldpart, so she has very busy days with her friends. Playing a lot and cuddles a lot all day :)))) She is so very very beautiful, sweet and funny.


Wonderful dear Huriel, growing into a great great BEAUTY. She is JUST marvelous in every way!!!! and very funny and special :))) We love her....


Beautiful kitty girl Huriel has adapted in a super manner to her new family. And is now a full family member :) Wonderful .

L`art du jardin de Francoise :)


                     Sweet  Francoise                        and Budda                           and my sweet  cat friend and bed company,Sasha :)

Beautiful SUPER COOOOL daddy Viking


Beautiful sweet sweet Sasha everybodies friend

Beautiful wonderful tortie mummy Camrague

Hatti, Huriels GORGEOUS tortie sister, that we also almost was prepared to bring to Norway.

Only reason that we did not, is that we must later keep an off spring after Huriel, and TO ALL LUCK, she stays with her gorgeous family and her dear lovely 2 legged ones, Francoise and Serge at :) Chatterie de la Fret d`Amalion

Gatsby, Vikings friend and the youngster boy  at 11 months


Mother :Camargue de la Cachouteba  NFO f 23 and Father : Viking du Valldall NFO n 09 23





Huriel at her birthhome in Wallonia, with her gorgeous parents Camargue and Viking, and all the gorgeous cats, AND her wonderful parent on 2 leggs, Francoise and Serge.

DSC_0001 (640x425)

Beautiful Huriel at her home with her parents Camargue and Viking, and with her dear ones on 2 legs Francoise and Serge.